How do I know if my Facebook Ads are working?

Do you know what FB ad stats you should be focusing on? Click through rate? Cost per click? Cost per 1000 impressions? Reach?!

The answer depends on what your objective is…

Is your aim of the ad is to get downloads of your lead magnet? Your most important stat is cost per result (providing you’re running a ‘conversion’ ad).

Want to get traffic to your website? Your cost per click and clickthrough rate will be your guide here. NOTE: look at LINK clicks (not ALL clicks).

Don’t get too hung up on stats other than what is a direct correlation to your main objective. Those can help diagnose how well an ad is performing, but your main focus should be that your spend per action is within what you’re willing to pay.

Let’s think about an imaginary situation for a moment. Your FB Ads aren’t working as well as you had hoped and aren’t generating very good results. What’s the first thing you adjust…?

❓ad copy
❓landing page
❓or something else?

Have you been faced with this situation? You might be surprised to know that TARGETING is NOT the first thing to ‘blame.’

There are a number of different reasons for ads not to perform well, and the stats on an ad will usually give me a good idea of where the ‘blockages’ are.

HOWEVER when someone comes to me with ‘not working’ ads, the first thing I will always look at is the messaging. Has the advertiser really dialled into their target audience? If not, the ad copy will likely not resonate. They might get poor quality clicks, poor quality leads, or no leads at all.

So, in short (for those who might be interested!), ad copy would be my first point of call.

This is a very high level view of some of the many decisions and factors to take into account when running Facebook Ads. If you’d like to find out about working with Ryan, get in touch.

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