Wealth Management Firm Gets Meetings and Closes Every Month

Company’s Business :

BP Financial* is boutique financial firm based in Canada. BP Financial is a fee based firm that works with high net individual with 500k+ in investable assets. BP Financial hired Ryan to help create a lead generation pipeline so that their firm could grow and increase their AUM every year.


The Challenge :

When I on-boarded BP Financial’s firm, I was faced with the following challenges: No Traffic, No Leads, No Meetings and No Conversions!

Traffic: Their website had barely any traffic, they were getting around 52 hits a month. See the image below:


The Result :

BP Financial now has investors with assets of 500k+ reaching out every month asking for meetings and their services.

Leads Per Month: 100-150

Meetings Per Month: 10-15

Closes: 1-3 (some closes are delayed due to the nature of this industry)


How Did I Do It?


I worked extensively on their website, optimizing it for search engines so they can appear for high searched keywords. Their website now gets 5,322 websites hits a month!

The traffic value from ranking their website on Google and bringing in users would be equivalent to paying $5,200 of Google Advertising.

Google Ads

Google ads are great for generating leads for advisors because the search intent is so high. Since Google ads show at the top of searches, you can capture a lot of potential leads in your funnel. In the image below I generated 146 conversions and over 2k website views in one month.

*Disclaimer – to protect the client’s interests, the names of companies and people have been changed

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