Real Estate Websites

As a realtor, you want every possible channel to attract new leads and sales. A website is one of the best ways to attract leads. With a real estate website you can target niches and areas of your city.

I build, host and fully manage Realtor, Broker and Sales Representative real estate websites that automatically display your listings using CREA DDF technology.

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Real Estate Websites

Custom Design

Having designs that capture and retain attention are important for your business or brand. I provide Logo design, website design, Business cards, Letterheads & envelopes and Social media graphics.

Custom DDF Listings

I offer Custom sites, Template sites, E-Commerce solutions, Website customizations, Maintenance and support and Reliable hosting. Fill out my quote form to find out which solution is best for your business.

SEO and Lead Gen

Social Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. Having effective SEO strategies put into place will help get your business found online, resulting in more customers and increased sales. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

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My Real Estate Websites include


Included with my realtor websites I implement CREA DDF listings on all the real estate sites I create so that you don’t waste time updating and managing listings. This ensures that you spend your time on more important things such as selling real estate!


Your website should work great on all devices. Responsive web design allows site elements to adjust for mobile and tablet, like rearranging content blocks and mobile-friendly menus.


I build websites using with the client in mind. I know the importance of being able to update your own website so I create something that you can easily click, drag and drop. For more complex websites I spend a great deal of time crafting the backend experience so even non-technical users can easily manage it.


The reason to have a website is so that people can find you. I will help you craft the proper content and keywords so that anyone searching for your business will find you and that you will outrank your competitors.


With many years of experience, I know the right way to implement your desired features. I’ll be your technical partner, not simply a design and coder.


If you are new to the internet or even not very technical,  I can give you a crash course so that you can easily update your website. As your business grows, you will be able to update your content so that your website is never behind.

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Case Study

Blue Panda Realty

Ryan Cameron - WordPress Expert

Blue Panda Realty is a boutique-style real estate brokerage that caters to a growing demographic of progressive Ottawans who value unparalleled client service, distinctive design, and technology.

Unlike larger corporate brokerages, they are not restricted to drawing inside the lines and like to think outside the box. Their commitment to a modern, hands-on approach allows us to customize and personalize our clients’ needs.

Blue Panda wanted a place to display all their listings but wanted them to automatically update. I implemented the Canada CREA ddf to their website. I custom coded this module so that no other site would like the same as theirs. This page now acts as a resource for their current and potential clients. Now their admin staff can spend time on more important things rather than focusing on constantly updating listings.

Custom CREA DDF Listings

real estate websites

Personal Branding

real estate websites

Personal branding in real estate is important. You need to set yourself apart from the rest and Blue Panda wanted that custom look. I added their personal brand down to the smallest details so they would stand out from the rest of the real estate sites in Canada and in Ottawa.

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About Me

Ryan Cameron - WordPress Expert and WordPress Developer

Hi, I’m Ryan Cameron, a WordPress Expert and WordPress Developer but you can think of me as a all-in-one web solution consultant. I provide solutions to your web problems. When you work with me you don’t have to question where to go or what to do, I will take care of all that for you!

I’ve been developing websites for over 10 years and have had success with companies of all sizes. Throughout the years I’ve worked for the government, design agencies and as a freelance. I’ve worked with small start ups to big corporate sites, no project is too big, or too small. Click on the button below to see my full story.



Robert Scheinfeld - Ryan Cameron WordPress Expert and Web Consultant

Robert Scheinfeld

New York Times bestselling author

I am amazed at how much Ryan brought my vision to life on the design and marketing strategy. I am getting more leads and sales regularly.

Yoga and Adventures Worldwide - Ryan Cameron WordPress Expert and Web Consultant

Christina Thomas

Yoga & Adventures World Wide

Ryan helped make a site that I can actually use and more importantly, got my business on the first page of Google!

IG Wizards - Ryan Cameron WordPress Expert and Web Consultant

Andreas Michaelsen

IG Wizards

Ryan created an amazing design for my website. I constantly have new customers and my business is growing every day!

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