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In real estate, lead generation is essential for growing your business. Regardless of your experience, generating new leads is hard work. In this article, I will focus on eight methods of generating new leads.

How do I Get Real Estate Leads?

1) Build a variety of CREA DDF Pages

DDF listing pages are important to your website. They acts as a resource tool for your current and potential clients. They are both an easy addition to a website and a low-maintenance way to encourage visitors to return to your real estate website.

If you have different types of listing pages (e.g. listings by neighborhood), you can draw people in through optimized, focused SEO instead of strenuously competing to rank for general SEO keywords such as “your city name realtor”.

2) Focus on a niche

Many realtors are trying to get ranked on Google via the same common, and thus competitive, keywords. This drives up the competition and greatly diminishes the likelihood of being found when someone searches for you. By concentrating on a particular niche, you can outrank your competitors and become known as the go-to specialist.

Actively promoting your chosen niche will help you stand out amongst other competing real estate agents. Suppose the day comes when a prospective homebuyer hell-bent on looking at log cabin-inspired homes in the downtown core (or something like that) lands on your site. That’s your niche, and with an SEO-optimized focus on that niche, you’ll be prepared. That’s how having a niche real estate website will get you more real estate leads.

3) Google AdWords

While they can be intimidating to initially figure out, there’s major real estate lead generation mojo at hand within Google AdWords. Much like having a niche website, selecting specific keywords to attach to your ads will help attract your ideal leads to your website. Analyzing and understanding how potential clients find you is a gradual process. As you improve your understanding, you can adjust which keywords are connected to your site’s ad campaign.

4) Create a Facebook Business page

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform among potential home buyers. For that reason alone, you should have a Facebook business page. It is a great place to promote your services, post home listings, and even share valuable content to engage with your followers. You can read more about Facebook business pages here as well as learn how to set one up here.

5) Start Blogging

Perhaps the most important tactic on this list is blogging. Blogging improves your website’s SEO and can attract potential clients in various and sometimes unexpected ways. Not only is it good for SEO, but it also positions yourself as an authority in your industry and niche. Drive more traffic to your site by starting a real estate blog.

6) Promote your listings

With all the free social media platforms, it has never been easier to reach a huge number of potential clients at such a low cost. As mentioned above, having a blog is probably one of the best ways to attract new clients. Posting your new or especially interesting listings on Facebook and Instagram is also another great way to reach new clients at home or on the go.

7) Create and Test Landing Pages

Most real estate agents want to acquire leads’ contact information. A great way to do this is with a landing page. You can promote certain offers on your landing pages and encourage the visitor to leave contact information by exchanging something of value for contact info. Popular giveaways include a free ebook, a newsletter sign up, or just anything valuable to your clients. Create different landing pages for different keywords, and you will see a noticeable amount of new traffic in your website.

8) Post on Instagram

Arguably the most real-estate friendly social media platform out there, Instagram can help you generate some high-quality new real estate leads. First, humans are visual creatures. The listings and videos you can share on the platform appeal to what people want to consume when they’re on Instagram. Here’s how any realtor can get started running their own Instagram campaigns:

First, simply set up an Instagram Business account. Then, select the listing you wish to promote. Thirds, choose which call-to-action button you’ll use to motivate your audience. You’re now ready to launch your campaign. You can check-in on the campaign whenever you want by clicking “View Insights.”

Using Instagram campaigns as part of your real estate marketing strategy is an excellent idea. First, they’re easy to set up and run. Second, they’re engaging to new leads. Finally, the results they yield are tangible and easily measurable. Learn to setup an Instagram Campaign for agents.

Is it challenging to manage multiple online marketing channels across several platforms to generate new leads? Absolutely. Is the process necessary and rewarding? Definitely! As I’ve said above, you can’t have a successful real estate business without consistent and persistent lead generation. However, since there are as many tactics to drive traffic to your website and business as there are potential homebuyers, any dedicated real estate agent can build a business to be proud of through lead generation. All you need is thorough planning and a healthy dose of perseverance.

Start now!

Check out my Real Estate Websites page to see some examples of the real estate websites I have built. Many of these strategies are easily implemented and can be done immediately. If you need help integrating the above ideas to your website, send me a message, and I can help you out 🙂

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