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Botox, Dysport, and Similar Injectables | Lip and Facial Dermal Fillers | Laser Hair Removal | Breast Augmentation | Brazilian Butt Lift | CoolSculpting or SculpSure | Bodyfx | Facelift, Rhinoplasty, and Others | Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, PRP injection | Lumecca | Fractora | Tattoo Removal | Microblading

What is an appointment request?

lead generation

An appointment request is when someone requests an appointment at your clinic via a Facebook advertisement and a landing page. We usually promote an offer that is very attractive to attract the customers.

Via the advertisement they not only leave their name, e-mail address and telephone number, but they also state a desired date and time for a first appointment!

Precisely because we also ask people to indicate a time and date for an appointment, we generally see serious appointment requests and few people who have registered out of curiosity.

But it is important to know that you still have to confirm the appointment by phone. After all, if they have requested an appointment, it does not mean that it has been confirmed, it is just a request. So you or your staff must follow up by telephone to confirm the appointment.

The steps of applying for a paid appointment are as follows:

But it is important to know that you still have to confirm the appointment by phone. If they have requested an appointment, it does not mean it has been confirmed, it is just a request. So you or your staff have to pick up the phone to confirm the appointment.

1. The potential client stops scrolling when using Facebook or Instagram when they see our ad. 2. Then they click on the ad. 3. They read the ad and view the Facebook landing page. 6. Then they click on the “Send” button so that the information is sent to you. They also give you permission to contact them to confirm the appointment. 7.  They then automatically end up on a “Thank You Page”, where we explain exactly what to expect and what we expect from them. For example, we indicate that they should keep a close eye on their phone so that they are not surprised when you call them to make an appointment.  8.  They also immediately receive a welcome email with extra information such as your company location and what we expect from them to become a customer of yours. We can therefore assume that someone is very serious about becoming a customer if they take the trouble to go through all these steps. Likewise, they will most likely become a customer if you follow up with them in the right way. We guarantee at least 20 such requests per month. NOTE:  An appointment request does NOT mean that someone has come to your location. We can measure or check that. We focus purely on what we can control: Providing people who are really interested in becoming a customer of you. But it is then up to you to have those people come to you for an appointment by contacting them by telephone. Start Now

Why Facebook ads?

Super Specific Targeting

Thanks to the data from Facebook, we are able to show the ads only to people who are interested in your service. 

Target customers by location

For example women between 30-60 years old within 7KM of your location

Cheapest form of advertising

The major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising

Fast results

Facebook advertising is fast. It drives immediate results. You can start reaching new potential clients today.

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About Ryan

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Hi, I’m Ryan Cameron, a medical spa marketing consultant from Canada.

I love helping medical spas generate more leads and consultation requests. My clients see an instant increase in sales the first two weeks. Every business is unique so I make a customized approach for every client.

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I want results now. How can we start with this?

Fill in the sign up form and choose the package that best for your clinic. After you have completed the form, I will ask you a number of questions about your company and we will create an offer together. Once I have access to your facebook account, I will create and turn on your ads and you will get new consultation requests within 24-72 hours!

How are you so sure that you will get the results?

I work with numerous clinics and I have always managed to generate appointment requests. That is why I have chosen to guarantee these results so that you do not run any risk. You can enjoy the fact that you have set up a system where you get a consistent stream of new appointments.

What if we do not achieve the number of ordered appointments?

If we do not reach the number of requests, I will use my management fee to pay for more ads until you have reached your number of requests. I guarantee results!

Are 20 applications for a paid appointment really 20 appointments for my clinic?

Potentially but that mainly depends on how well the consultation requests are followed up by telephone or facebook chat. You will need a dedicated team member to follow up on the consultation requests to capture the client.

Can I get in touch with someone before placing my order?

Yes, click on the button below to ask me a question or to schedule a phone call.

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