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Shopify is a great platform for non techies to start a website but there comes a point where you are not able to do the customizations yourself, that’s where I step in…

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Shopify Expert that will customize your store

Ryan Cameron - WordPress Expert, WordPress Developer and SEO Expert in Ottawa

Hi, I’m Ryan Cameron, a Shopify expert that is ready to help you with all your Shopify store customizations. I can help you out whether you need updates, theme customizations and even help ranking on Google. A website is the 24/7 store front for your business so I understand the importance of getting issues sorted out quickly. Here are the types of things I can help you with:

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I want my site on the first page of Google.

Being on the first page of Google will attract a constant flow of new leads per month. Get a free SEO audit and find out what is preventing your website from being on the first page of Google. 

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I want something updated or changed on my site

I can help with all sorts of Shopify and website tasks. Fill out my small task quote form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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I need a website or a website redesign

Are you looking to get an online presence and start attracting new customers? Fill out my quote form to let me know about your ideas and so we can start moving towards your goals.

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Is Your Website Being Found?

Without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re website won’t generate leads and sales. I can help your website rank on Google so your business will generate more leads and sales.

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Some of the things I can help you out with

Search Engine Optimization

SEO are tweaks to your website and content to help hand out from the crowd with the goal to be on the first page of Google. Stats show that people searching for something only click on the first page links.

Theme Customizations

Your website doesn’t have to stay within your theme limitations. I can tweak your shopify website with custom coding.

Website Fix

Sometimes website owners will try to add their own codes into their website which can cause things to break. Let me fix that for you!

SSL Update

Google now penalizes websites that doesn’t use ssl certificates. You can see if you have one if you look at your website address, you should see “https”, if you don’t see the “s” your website is not secure.

Website Redesign

Having a good looking website is important as this will either assure that your business is legit or not. People are hesitant to purchase from an older looking website. Stay current with the latest web design trends!

User Experience

UX or user experience can be a small tweak that is holding your website back. Adding small things like a button can increase leads by %50.

Google Analytics

Tracking, testing and analysing your website is important to find what is working and what’s not working. I can help implementing Google analytics so you can start seeing where your customers are coming from.

Facebook Pixel

Are you running ads to your website? Having a facebook pixel will start collecting data of your website traffic so in the future you can retarget them for other promotions and offers.

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