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Why WordPress Maintenance is Key to a Successful Business Website


WordPress Maintenance: Your Key to a Successful Website

Just like your car, your website demands regular maintenance to function properly. Overlooking WordPress maintenance is like skipping oil changes on a car. Your car wouldn’t last very long, now would it? Your website isn’t much different. Your website should always accessible to customers as a primary point of contact for your business.

You Can’t “Set and Forget”

If you fail to perform regular maintenance, you may be losing out on potential sales & conversions. When visitors experience problems on a website, they seldom return or do business with the site owner. Many website owners fail to keep an eye on their websites. In the long run, you will miss out on business opportunities.

The Benefits of Maintenance

Many people don’t appreciate the value of WordPress maintenance.

Consider performance: load time, downtime, and uptime. These factors all depend on the WordPress software and third party plugins being up-to-date and optimized.

Everything that makes a great website such as user growth, relevant & recent content, analytics, and design updates depends on the site owner’s diligence.  You need someone to implement updates and do so correctly.

Maintenance Workflow

My processes are designed for minimizing errors and affording the client peace of mind.  Before any changes are made, the site and its content are safely backed up. After any updates, we check for any bugs or errors. We maintain records of updated plugin. In case of any problems, I know exactly what has been changed. My monthly maintenance reports also include performance and security scans. If I find something, a support ticket is created immediately, and we’ll fix it before it can cause you or your business any problems.

Pitfalls of DIY Maintenance

Performing your own maintenance can be trouble. If you merely update your website via your WordPress admin, you won’t have a record of changes to your site. If an issue manifests afterward, you’ll be faced with uncertainty and time consuming investigation as you attempt to deduce the problem and from what point you should restore your site. You’ll risk potential significant losses in content changes, sales orders and contact entries.

It Costs More to Fix Than to Maintain

A lack of maintenance and inexperience will impair your website’s appearance and functionality. At this point, you’ll have a choice. First, you can attempt a DIY fix and risk further damage. Alternately, you can hire someone experienced to fix at, possibly at a significant cost. As with a car, the fix is more expensive than the preventative maintenance. $30 of oil protects a multi-thousand dollar engine. Regular site maintenance protects your website and your business.

Call in a Professional

Isn’t it best to focus on your strengths and hire someone to help with your weaknesses? Would you go to court without a lawyer? If not, why not retain an experienced WordPress Expert? Using an experienced WordPress Expert to maintain your site properly protects against potential lost site traffic and sales.  

If you’re interested in safeguarding your WordPress website, visit my WordPress Care Plans page or contact me to discuss how I can assist you.

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